Our Treats Range

At Raw Dogg, we pride ourselves in supplying only the highest quality treats for your dog. Explore our treat range below, or pop into our store to browse!

Beef & Garlic Bites

Beef & Garlic Sausage

Beef Gullet Filled with Sheep Fat

Beef Heart

Beef Jerky

Beef Liver

Beef Lung Training Treats

Beef Lung

Beef Meat Cubes

Beef Trachea

Beef Tripe

Black Pudding Bites

Black Pudding Sticks

Buffalo Sticks

Buffalo Super Chew

Bull Horn

Bully Beef (Furry)

Bully Beef (Long)

Bully Beef

Bully Stick Off-Cuts

Bully Sticks Premium – 5″

Bully Sticks Premium – 10″

Bully Sticks Thick – 5″

Bully Sticks Thick – 10″

Bully Sticks Thin – 5″

Camel Mega Chew

Charcoal Biscuits

Cheese & Ham Bites

Cheese & Ham Sticks

Cheese & Bacon Biscuits

Chicken Feet (Dried)

Chicken & Meat Sausage

Chicken & Rice Crunchy Sticks

Chicken Bites

Chicken Breast (Dried)

Chicken & Gravy Biscuits

Chicken Hearts

Chicken Necks

Chicken Sticks

Coconut Chips

Cod Sticks

Deer Antlers

Deer Ears (Venison)

Duck Jerky

Duck Meat Cubes

Duck Necks

Bone Filled with Sheep Fat

Filled Bones (Smoked & Plain)

Filled Hoof

Fish Skin Cubes

Fish Skin Fingers

Fish Skin Trimmings

Fish Skin Twists

Fishy Bites

Fishy Sticks

Furry Deer Ears (Venison)

Furry Lambs Ears

Furry Premium Cow Ear

Giant Knuckle Bone

Goats Ears

Goose Meat Jerky

Fish Training Treats

Gullet Beef

Hooves (Empty)

Kangaroo Jerky

Lamb & Rice Crunchy Sticks

Lamb Jerky

Lamb Legs

Lamb Lung Cubes

Lamb Meat Cubes

Lamb Trachea

Lamb Training Treats

Lamb Tripe

Lamb Ears

Linseed Biscuits

Liver Sausage Bites

Liver Sausage

Luxury Fish Cubes

Meaty Training Treats

Milky Cheesy Biscuits

Mixed Sausage Bites

Natural Mix

Paddy Whack Beef

Pig Ear Strips

Pigs in Blankets

Pigs Ears (Cut Sows Ears)

Pigs Ears (Standard)

Whole Sows Ears (XXL)

Pork Crackling

Poultry Training Treats

Premium Cows Ears

Puppy Love Mix

Puppy Biscuit Mix

Puppy Sticks

Pure Fish Jerky

Pure Game Treats

Pure Goat Meat Jerky

Rabbit Ears (Furry)

Rabbit Ears

Rabbit Jerky

Rabbit Meat Cubes

Rabbit Skins

Rice Bones

Roaster Bones

Sausage Ends

Shank Bones (Plain & Smoked)

Smelt (Fish)

Smoked Chicken Sausage Bites

Snacky Fish Mix Biscuits

Dried Pig Intestine Spaghetti

Sprats (Fish)

Beef Trachea (Whole)

Treat & Train Rewards

Tripe Crunchy Sticks

Turkey Necks

Turkey Training Treats

Veal Pizzle

Veal Skin Sticks

Venison Bites

Venison Cubes

Venison Jerky

Venison Sausage

Venison Sticks

Wild Boar Jerky

Wooly Bully Mega Moo Chew

Yaki Snack